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Corey Smith

On the Record with Corey Smith [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Sep 2014 21:58PM EDT

In this exclusive interview with Music Times, Corey Smith sat down with Kim Jones to talk about music, his new project and being a celebrity.READ MORE

Nalani & Sarina at band rehersal

INTERVIEW: Nalani & Sarina Have Some 'Lessons Learned' And Demand Your Attention

Sep 2014 12:27PM EDT

Sometimes in music, the idea of a twin sister musical act may seem a bit like a gimmick - two young New Yorkers trying to maneuver their way through the world of pop and folk armed with an arsenal of ukuleles and cymbals on their shoes may feel like a novelty. But, that could not be further from the truth, because duo Nalani & Sarina are here and demanding to be taken seriously.READ MORE

The Jane Shermans

Loufest 2014: The Jane Shermans' Eulene Sherman, Angelo Petraglia Talk New Album, Future of Rock, Kings Of Leon, And More

Sep 2014 17:49PM EDT

Angelo Petraglia and Eulene Sherman of The Jane Shermans are looking to bring raw rock 'n' roll back into the mainstream. You might know Angelo for his work developing a little band called Kings of Leon, co-writing their first two albums and producing much of their work.READ MORE


LouFest 2014: Cake's John McCrea Talks Follow-Up To 'Showroom of Compassion,' Disdain For Tech Companies, State Of Music Industry, And More

Sep 2014 15:38PM EDT

It has been more than 20 years since John McCrea formed Cake, the band noted for their ability to point out the ridiculousness of our modern existene with deadpan delivery and made famous in the mainstream for their hit "The Distance."READ MORE

Those Darlins

LouFest 2014: Those Darlins' Jessi Zazu Talks Vulnerability, New Album, Touring With Diarrhea Planet, And Being Tired Of The 'Country Fried Punk' Label

Sep 2014 10:15AM EDT

Nashville rockers Those Darlins, made up of Jessi Zazu, Nikki Kvarnes, and Linwood Regensburg, are no strangers to controversy. The cover of their 2013's album Blur The Line, featured the band members' nude legs and torsos, which got them into some hot water after they hung it on a banner in front of a Nashville record store. Despite not intentionally wanting to stir up trouble, the content of their latest effort challenges gender roles and some of the outdated views still held in the South. With three full-length albums under their belt and extensive tours behind them, the group has begun work on their fourth record.READ MORE

The Districts

LouFest 2014: The Districts' Braden Lawrence Talks Sophomore Album, Ditching College, Losing Gear, And Life On The Road

Sep 2014 09:17AM EDT

The Districts hail from small town in Pennsylvania called Lititz. Like many young bands, they got their start playing coffee shops and eventually began getting gigs at venues around the local circuit. After moving to Philadelphia after high school, they opted to forgo college educations for careers in music and signed to Fat Possum records in November 2013. They released their debut EP in January, which included three songs off their self-produced 2012 LP Telephones as well as two new songs. The band is currently working on releasing their debut full-length on Fat Possum.READ MORE

Matt & Kim

LouFest 2014: Matt & Kim's Matt Johnson Talks New Album, Music Videos, And Sticking Together

Sep 2014 10:58AM EDT

Brooklyn band Matt & Kim (Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino) have solidified themselves as the energetic "it" couple of indie rock. They even "pulled a Beyoncé" with videos for each of their songs before Queen Bey ever released her visual album. With four full-length albums under their belt, the duo is preparing their fifth LP and winding down their latest tour in support of their 2012 effort, Lightning. Music Times recently chatted with Johnson leading up to Matt & Kim's set at LouFest. He reflected on the band's history and updated us on what fans can expect next.READ MORE

San Fermin's Ellis Ludwig-Leone

LouFest 2014: San Fermin's Ellis Ludwig-Leone Talks Sophomore Album, Playing Festivals, What He's Learned This Past Year

Sep 2014 10:45AM EDT

San Fermin is the brainchild of composer and songwriter Ellis Ludwig-Leone, who graduated from Yale with a degree in classical music three years ago. Their self-titled debut album, released in September of 2013, came to life after Ludwig-Leone spent two months locked up at the Banff Centre, a secluded retreat for composers, tucked away in the Canadian mountains.READ MORE

Sonnet Simmons

INTERVIEW: Sonnet Simmons of 'Rising Star' on the Kesha Cat Cult, the Judges' Advice and Her Own Musical Journey

Sep 2014 10:16AM EDT

Music Times spoke with Sonnet Simmons following the Aug. 24 finale of "Rising Star" and touched on what happened behind-the-scenes on one of television's most experimental reality competitions, her own musical and personal past and hopes for the future.READ MORE

John Debney

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Oscar-Nominated Composer John Debney

Sep 2014 16:00PM EDT

The History Channel’s newest miniseries Houdini takes on the dramatic and elusive story of one of the world’s greatest entertainers of all time: escape artist Harry Houdini. With Academy Award winner Adrian Brody leading the cast in the title role, was the network stretched too thin for any other impressive names? Not quite! Enter: Oscar-nominated composer John Debney.READ MORE

David Zach

Remedy Drive's David Zach Shares Why He is So Passionate About Human Trafficking [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Aug 2014 13:58PM EDT

David Zach from Remedy Drive shares why he is so passionate about human trafficking and stopping it.READ MORE

The 'Guardians of The Galaxy.'

'Guardians of The Galaxy' Orchestrator Timothy Williams Discusses Tone and Palette with Music Times

Aug 2014 15:59PM EDT

War is always a hot topic in Hollywood. Composing a score that reflects a film's angle to the subject matter is a challenge, a question of tone that depends heavily on the abilities of the orchestrator as well as its composer. 'Guardians of The Galaxy' orchestrator Timothy Williams discussed the process with Music Times.READ MORE

Andy Samberg / Weird Al Yankovic / Zach Sherwin

Should We Thank YouTube For The Resurgence Of Comedy Music?

Aug 2014 14:52PM EDT

At some point in the comedy and music industries, the idea of fusing the two – and thus creating “comedy music” – became, sorry to say, laughable. Much too often, comedians would squirm at the very notion of one of their own bringing music into their territory, often labeling it as “hacky.” And in judging from some of the sources, it’s somewhat understandable. But times are certainly changing…READ MORE

Brian Tyler, composer 'The Expendables 3,' 'Into the Storm,' 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' and more

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]: Music To Film Composer Brian Tyler

Aug 2014 13:23PM EDT

Brian Tyler is easily one of the busiest composers around today, especially in the month of August thanks to the releases of movies for which he composed the scores (including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Into the Storm, and The Expendables 3). He even co-wrote and produced the theme song to TMNT, "Shell Shocked," under his solo project moniker, Madsonik, working with some great Hip-Hop artists of today. In Music Times' exclusive interview with Tyler, we learned just how he got into the world of composing for film, TV and video games, and even delved deeper into his upcoming projects - which includes Avengers: Age of Ultron and many others.READ MORE

Max Richter

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Composer Max Richter Talks Music To Film, HBO’s ‘The Leftovers,’ New Album & More!

Jul 2014 09:07AM EDT

In an exclusive interview with Max, we learned how he got into the world of music to film and scoring pictures, what he's working on next, and what advice he has for those trying to make it in the music world.READ MORE

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