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Max Richter

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Composer Max Richter Talks Music To Film, HBO’s ‘The Leftovers,’ New Album & More!

Jul 2014 09:07AM EDT

In an exclusive interview with Max, we learned how he got into the world of music to film and scoring pictures, what he's working on next, and what advice he has for those trying to make it in the music world.READ MORE

'Weird Al' Yankovic - Mandatory Fun Album Cover

[INTERVIEW] Music Times Talks To 'Weird Al' Yankovic

Jul 2014 15:29PM EDT

There has been a lot of hype over 'Weird Al' Yankovic's new album Mandatory Fun, perhaps largely due to the parodist's own Twitter account. Sitting as his 14th record, Yankovic exclusively tells Music Times it's the "best thing" he's ever done -- even behind the successes of the legendary Bad Hair Day (1996) and Alpocalypse (2011).READ MORE

Jonah 33 - Dead Man Walking

Behind 'Dead Man Walking' With Vince Lichlyter

Jul 2014 20:40PM EDT

Jonah 33's Vince Lichlyter talked about his new EP, 'Dead Man Walking,' sharing the stories behind the songs.READ MORE

Ryan Leslie

Ryan Leslie: Hip-Hop's Next Billionaire? Singer Talks Exclusively On Latest Venture, Disruptive Multimedia, And Earns Praise From Kanye West

Jun 2014 19:19PM EDT

It's a muggy afternoon in New York City, 1:07 p.m. to be exact, but the cloudy weather doesn't overshadow the glowing presence of Ryan Leslie. The R&B singer arrives in the lobby at the William Beaver House located by Wall Street with his colleague in a cool but rushed pace wearing dark shades to go with his very fashionable dark attire. Apparently coming directly from a previous meeting, Ryan appears caught up in a million thoughts before suddenly stopping mid-stride to turn and introduce himself. "Hi, I'm Ryan."READ MORE


SKATERS Frontman Michael Cummings on 'Manhattan,' Festival Life and His Band's Name [INTERVIEW]

Jun 2014 12:09PM EDT

Three cheers for the hometown band! The indie world has recently been overtaken by a pack of SKATERS that don't actually skate in the form of punky, punchy rock. Full of New York City pride, a bit of a devil-may-care attitude and a slew of guitars, this alt-rock foursome released one of 2014's best breakout records in February.READ MORE

Joe Zohar: Director of Gramatik's 'Brave Men' Video

The Story Behind Gramatik's 'Brave Men' Video, Directed By Joe Zohar

Jun 2014 15:00PM EDT

Slovenian DJ/producer Gramatik (Denis Jasarevic) recently released the video for the track "Brave Men" off his latest album, The Age of Reason. The video, directed by Joe Zohar, is more like a short film than your typical music video in that keeps you waiting to find out the truth behind its characters and has a cinematic aesthetic that brings the story to life.READ MORE

Kiah Victoria

Kiah Victoria Looks To Go Worldwide With Her Soulful Pop Blend... But First, New Music Seminar in NYC

Jun 2014 12:58PM EDT

You know the phrase "It's in your blood?" For some, that may seem like a hyperbolic excuse for a drive to do something great in the world, but for others, it's just the way it is... there's a constant need to perform, to spread your music and to try and be the biggest singer in the world. New Music Seminar Artist on the Verge Kiah Victoria is one such artist, and she's bound to be something huge.READ MORE

The Teen Age

Music Times Meets: The Teen Age

Jun 2014 08:56AM EDT

The Teen Age swing by to discuss new EP 'Ways to Adapt,' plus snazzy suits and international crime organizations. Tune in!READ MORE

Sharks are everywhere in New York, including this Financial District deli. Bands named after sharks are in the mix. (Photo: Ryan Book)

Sharkmuffin and Desert Sharks Among Biggest Bands at This Year's New Music Seminar

Jun 2014 16:34PM EDT

What do a surf-rock revival group and a self-described "shredwave pop" band have in common? Desert Sharks and Sharkmuffin are both praised by the organizers of the 2014 New Music Seminar, and both have a fascination with mankind's biggest oceanic fear.READ MORE

2014 KLOVE Fan Awards Shane Harper

[EXCLUSIVE] On the Red Carpet with Shane Harper

Jun 2014 19:19PM EDT

Shane Harper, star of "God's Not Dead," took a few minutes to talk about his life on the Red Carpet at the 2nd Annual K-LOVE Fan Awards.READ MORE

2014 KLOVE Fan Awards Plumb

[EXCLUSIVE] On the Red Carpet with Plumb's Tiffany Arbuckle Lee

Jun 2014 19:06PM EDT

Tiffany Arbuckle Lee, better known to the world as Plumb, talked about her upcoming book on the Red Carpet at the 2014 K-LOVE Fan Awards.READ MORE

K-LOVE Fan Awards 2014 Colton Dixon

[EXCLUSIVE] On the Red Carpet with Colton Dixon

Jun 2014 18:47PM EDT

Male Artist of the Year nominee Colton Dixon talked about how well his fans know him and his joy of being used by God on the Red Carpet at the 2014 K-LOVE Fan Awards.READ MORE

2014 KLOVE Fan Awards Newsong

[EXCLUSIVE] On the Red Carpet with Newsong

Jun 2014 18:35PM EDT

Newsong may not have been up for any awards at the 2nd Annual K-LOVE Fan Awards, but they came to the show to support the artists that they spend the year touring with and ministering with. They spoke with MusicTimes about how it's all about celebrating God.READ MORE

K-LOVE Fan Awards 2014 Britt Nicole

[EXCLUSIVE] Backstage with Britt Nicole

Jun 2014 18:14PM EDT

Christian singer Britt Nicole talked with MusicTimes backstage at the 2nd Annual K-LOVE Fan AwardsREAD MORE


VanLadyLove: New Music Seminar's Artist On The Verge Takes Its Electro-Folk-Pop Sound From Utah To NYC

Jun 2014 10:40AM EDT

Nine hours outside the industry hustle and bustle of Los Angeles lies an unlikely music hub: Provo, Utah. Neon Trees, Imagine Dragons, The Used and Joshua James are among the bands who have called this place home. Now a new band has emerged from the town, excited make their mark: VanLadyLove, New Music Seminar's Artist On The Verge.READ MORE

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