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DJ Fenix

The Kremlin Ready to Rave with DJ Fenix at Musicbox Awards Tonight [EXCLUSIVE]

Nov 2014 12:40PM EDT

The Kremlin is known for its two noticeable features: the distinctly Russian Orthodox architecture and the power that emanates from the seat of power it has held since it was built in the 13th century. Tonight, however, there will be a grand party — the Musicbox Awards — to celebrate the music from around the former Soviet countries at the Kremlin, and noted Russian disc jockey DJ Fenix will be on hand to play. This will be the first time a DJ has performed at an event like this in Russia, especially at the Kremlin. DJ Fenix knows the significance of this, calling it "very important for the EDM industry and DJs." DJ Fenix, born Alexander Mamoniv, is familiar with the big stage. He has been DJ-ing for more then a decade around Europe and performed at Moscow's fashion week earlier in the year. His upbringing in a military family and as an Olympic volleyball player gave him valuable experience in being disciplined and how to treat your body right by "not taking any drugs, eating healthy and not drinking much alcohol." He hangs with some Russian heavyweights, like Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov, whom he met out while playing clubs in Moscow. Fenix said rather matter-of-factly, "We are friends because we are fans of the same team."READ MORE

Kid Capri, Funkmaster Flex, and DJ Premier Talk To Music Times Ahead of Global Spin Awards

2014 Global Spin Awards: Kid Capri, Funkmaster Flex, and DJ Premier Talk About Their Legacies, The State Of The Industry, And More [EXCLUSIVE]

Nov 2014 15:40PM EDT

The third annual Global Spin Awards — an awards show that honors and recognizes the world's most dynamic and talented DJ's for their contribution to the culture of music and entertainment — takes place tomorrow (Nov. 18) at New World Stages in New York. Ahead of the ceremony, Music Times spoke with DJ Premier, who won this year's Legendary DJ Award, Funkmaster Flex, who won the Lifetime Achievement Award, and Kid Capri, who took home the Lifetime Achievement award in 2013. They spoke with us about their legacies, the state of DJ culture, and more. Here's what they had to say.READ MORE

Breathe Carolina

Breathe Carolina Talk The Shift Towards Dance Music, Tour & Tips To Avoid Friend Zone [Exclusive Interview]

Nov 2014 13:08PM EDT

Before the show we had the pleasure of meeting up Eric and Tommy from electronic / rock group Breathe Carolina to chat about a whole variety of topics. We talked about their shift over to dance music, how the tour has gone and what was the thinking behind it and their upcoming music, which includes some big collaborations along the way. They also give a PSA on how to avoid the dreaded friend zone or get out of it if you are trapped.READ MORE

Garrett Borns - Facebook

Garrett Borns Takes New York! BØRNS Discusses "10,000 Emerald Pools," Debut EP ‘Candy’ & CMJ [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Nov 2014 10:00AM EDT

Following the release of his debut single, “10,000 Emerald Pools,” Garrett Borns (BØRNS) is delighting us all by dropping his very first EP, Candy, which was released earlier this week (Monday, Nov. 10). The singer-songwriter mixes a unique sense of sound with a heavy flow of harmony all spiced with a wondrous blend of synth-pop. Most of which he began writing in his tree house home located in Los Angeles, California. Yes, you read that correctly.READ MORE

Bob Thiele Jr.

Bob Thiele Jr.'s Journey from the Record Biz to 'Sons of Anarchy', Music Supervisor Talks Family, Songwriting and Montages [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Nov 2014 08:28AM EDT

There has always been an emphasis on family at the center of FX's gritty biker drama, 'Sons of Anarchy'. Whether it be through protagonist Jax Teller's constant troubles with parental figures both alive and deceased, or the sense of brotherhood that's created by riding down a windy stretch of California highway mere feet from your clubmate's motorcycle, the bonds and relationships in the show run deep.READ MORE

'Assassin's Creed Unity' Composer Sarah Schachner

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Composer Sarah Schachner Talks 'Assassin's Creed Unity' Score And More!

Nov 2014 17:16PM EDT

Assassin's Creed Unity is arguably the most ambitious game from Ubisoft's popular gaming franchise, tackling the French Revolution and a plethora of other themes. It truly looks like a big step for the developers, so we're not surprised that up-and-coming composer Sarah Schachner was hired to take on the music for the project.READ MORE

We Are Toonz

We Are Toonz Look To Bring The Lost Art of Performing Back To Hip-Hop

Nov 2014 18:18PM EDT

Who would have thought that the song and dance that has made fans out of grandparents and young children alike was created as a joke? According to We Are Toonz, that's exactly the way things panned out when they gifted the world with the Nae Nae.READ MORE


Interview: Brielle Strives to Become the Next Pop Star Royalty with Explosive Music

Nov 2014 17:01PM EDT

Don't take that crown on her head as another kitschy art piece, Brielle is the real thing. An emerging New York based pop star, Brielle is a blend of Demi Lovato, Ellie Goulding, R&B and EDM in a powerful, in-your-face way, and she's the next artist you should know.READ MORE

Bear's Den

Interview: Bear's Den Discuss Their New Album 'Islands', "Elysium" Music Video and Their Intimate Tour

Nov 2014 19:49PM EDT

During the CMJ Music Marathon in New York, Music Times sat down with the members of Bear's Den to discuss the new album, the unlikely viral success of their tragic "Elysium" music video and the band's intimate new tour.READ MORE

Bill Laswell

A Tale of Chad Smith, Jon Batiste, John Zorn, Dave Lombardo, Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock (but Mostly Bill Laswell)

Nov 2014 08:07AM EDT

A certain, unnamed publication forgot to mention the name of prolific bassist Bill Laswell in the headline of its coverage for supergroup The Process. It's a role that Laswell has played often, in a career spanning thousands of recorded releases.READ MORE

Kevin Jonas Headshot

Kevin Jonas Dismisses Return to Music in Turn for App Development Career, Building Homes and Directing

Oct 2014 17:12PM EDT

Kevin Jonas rocketed to fame in the mid-2000s alongside his brothers Nick and Joe as the Jonas Brothers. After plans to release the JoBros' fifth album V came to a halt and the band broke up last year, Nick and Joe Jonas have since gone on to pursue solo careers, but the oldest JoBro is just as happy out of the limelight. Instead, he is now focusing his energy on the tech world, app development and a surprising career as a home renovator and contractor.READ MORE

[Exclusive] Rapper Que Talks About 'Can You Digg It?' Mixtape After 'OG Bobby Johnson' Success, Advice 2 Chainz Gave Him, And First Big Purchase

Rapper Que Talks About 'Can You Digg It?' Mixtape after 'OG Bobby Johnson' Success, Advice 2Chainz Gave Him And First Big Purchase [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Oct 2014 17:19PM EDT

Imagine its 2013 and you're an aspiring rapper trying tread water in a tough music industry with a follow-up record. In one of many late night recording sessions with fear fueling your ambition, you hear that catchy beat drop through the speakers, and a rush of excitement overcomes you when you confidently spit the first lines "OG Bobby Johnson." Thirty minutes later, you're no longer a one-hit-wonder and your life changes forever.READ MORE



Oct 2014 12:01PM EDT

With the conclusion of CMJ just this past weekend (ending on Saturday, Oct. 25), we here at Music Times found an array of bands we couldn’t help but fall in love with. One of such happened to be HUNDREDS, a “contemporary trip-hop” duo from Hamburg, Germany, made up of brother and sister Philipp and Eva Milner.READ MORE

Rachel Goswell Performs With Slowdive at Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona

Slowdive's Rachel Goswell Talks Reunion Tour, New Album, And More Ahead Of CMJ Show [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Oct 2014 13:05PM EDT

Slowdive will be playing at New York's Terminal 5 tomorrow (Oct. 25) as part of the CMJ Music Marathon before making their way across North America, Music Times chatted with founding member Rachel Goswell about the band's return to the stage and their plans for the future.READ MORE


Cheerleader Root On Infectious Indie Pop Melodies And Road Trip Soundtracks Ahead of CMJ 2014 [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Oct 2014 17:11PM EDT

Visions of cheerleaders oftentimes bring up teenage girls in mini-skirts supporting the local varsity team, but that's not always what a "cheerleader" is. Enter, Philadelphia indie pop outfit Cheerleader, the latest buzzing band to enter the scene.READ MORE

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