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Tour Journals: Council Goes On The Road With Camplified – Day 3 & 4

Jul 2014 15:08PM EDT

Welcome to Tour Journals, a Music Times segment where we ask some of our favorite up-and-coming bands to send us a dispatch from the road. This time around, we’ve asked our Camplified Summer Concert Tour contest winners Council to step in and send us their journals and blogs from the currently Camplified tour.READ MORE

LMFAO, the epitome of "unsexy"

10 Unsexiest Songs With 'Sex' in Title: Weezer, The Lonely Island, LMFAO and More!

Jul 2014 15:04PM EDT

If you're in the mood, don't turn these songs on, because they will turn you off. Here are the 10 least sexy songs with "Sex" in the title.READ MORE

Linkin Park - "Hybrid Theory" (2000)

10 Albums That Are Partially Self-Titled

Jul 2014 20:04PM EDT

Naming an album after yourself or your band is a very nice, simple route to take, but these 10 artists took the idea of a self-titled album and made it a little more complicated. Here are 10 albums that are partially self-titled.READ MORE

R.E.M. - "Murmur" (1983)

8 Bands Who Debuted With Their Best Album

Jul 2014 19:57PM EDT

Some bands take a while to put out their strongest album, since it usually takes time to work out the kinks and hone your songwriting, but these eight bands came roaring right out of the gate with their strongest full-length effort.READ MORE

Queen's Freddie Mercury

10 Bands Whose Lead Singers Have Died

Jul 2014 15:32PM EDT

Today marks the 35th anniversary of AC/DC's Highway To Hell, a hard rock classic that would be the band's last album with lead vocalist Bon Scott, who died after a night of heavy drinking seven months after the album's release. Here are ten more bands that have suffered the loss of a lead vocalist.READ MORE

The Smiths - "Hatful of Hollow" (1984)

10 Albums That Close With Their Shortest Song

Jul 2014 12:21PM EDT

Many musicians have a natural inclination to close out albums or concerts with their biggest number (see: Purple Rain), but these ten artists did just the opposite, by placing the shortest track on the album at the very end.READ MORE

Simon & Garfunkel - "Bridge Over Troubled Water" (1970)

6 Artists Whose Final Albums Were Their Best

Jul 2014 09:16AM EDT

You'd think that after releasing an incredible, critically acclaimed album, an artist would have more of an incentive to continue along the same path. For one reason or another, however, these six artists closed out their careers on their best album.READ MORE

Kanye West - "Late Registration" (2005)

6 Rappers Who Successfully Followed-Up Great Debuts

Jul 2014 09:13AM EDT

Earlier this week, legendary Queens rapper Nas offered some words of encouragement to Kendrick Lamar, concerning Lamar's impending follow-up to his instant classic debut good kid, m.A.A.d city from 2012. As Nas knows all too well, plenty of rappers have failed to deliver a satisfying follow-up to a widely praised debut album. However, these six rappers and rap groups managed to release albums that were just as good, if not better, than their debuts.READ MORE

St. Vincent

Beyoncé's Producer Is Wrong: 8 Artists That Prove Guitar Music Isn't Dead

Jul 2014 13:20PM EDT

This past week, pop producer Greg Kurstin, who has worked with the likes of Beyoncé and Kelly Clarkson, declared that guitar music is at an "all time low," especially in the United States. Anyone who follows music that goes even slightly off the mainstream knows that this claim is absolutely false, and here are 8 current artists (all American, by the way) to prove it.READ MORE


5 Ways Weezer Could Actually Get 'Back To The Shack'

Jul 2014 11:44AM EDT

On Monday, Weezer shared its new single "Back To The Shack," a riffy power pop tune that seemed to promise a return to the band's mid-90's glory days. Though the song isn't the worst thing Weezer's done in the last ten years, it still isn't anywhere close to the band's best material, and its desperate nostalgia is largely to blame. If Weezer truly wanted to find its groove again, it shouldn't be writing a stupid song about it. Instead, the band should be taking these steps...READ MORE

Willie Nelson

Country Singers From the Lone Star State

Jul 2014 19:38PM EDT

Texas is the largest state in the 48 contiguous United States and the second most populous state in the country. It is also the home state for some of the biggest names in country music.READ MORE

Jack White Bummed Out At Cubs Game

Jack White & Baseball: A History - Third Man Records Boss Not Always Sad At Cubs Games [PHOTOS/VIDEO]

Jul 2014 16:52PM EDT

With the Internet going crazy over the disappointed face Jack White made during last night's Cubs-Padres game, we thought we'd look into the rocker's relationship with the sport. Over the past few weeks, his Third Man Records Instagram account has posted photos of him attending baseball games in cities where his tour stops (scroll through the images below), but White has a connection to baseball that extends beyond the 2014 season. Here's what we know...READ MORE

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse Anniversary Of Death: Adele, Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, Nas, And More Talk About The Late Singer's Legacy

Jul 2014 14:44PM EDT

Three years ago today, the world lost the legendary singer Amy Winehouse. She was found dead on July 23, 2011 in her London home from accidental alcohol poisoning -- a "death by misadventure" as the coroner ruled. In the years since her untimely passing at age 27, artists and industry leaders have examined the influence she had on music and her legacy as an artist. Below are quotes from artists who were either influenced by Winehouse or touched by her work.READ MORE

Johnny Cash - "American Recordings" (1994)

8 Studio Albums That Feature A Live Track

Jul 2014 13:59PM EDT

One of the primary objectives for a record producer is to make sure all of the songs on an album sound sonically consistent, but some artists choose to do away with this consistency by incorporating a live recording into the otherwise studio recorded album. Here are eight studio albums that feature a live track.READ MORE

John Lennon

11 Songs Where The Artists Refers To Themselves By Name

Jul 2014 22:41PM EDT

It's common for an artist to write an autobiographical song, but some artists take it to another level by actually referring to themselves, or one of their bandmates, by name in the song lyrics. Here are eleven songs where the artist does just that.READ MORE

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