Stream, Download Tourist's Moody, Masterful Album 'U'

By Ryan Middleton | May 06, 2016 04:06 PM EDT

London-based producer William Phillips, better known as Tourist has released his new album U via Monday Records. Normally an album like this would shine on a typical release Friday, but unfortunately for Tourist, James Blake had to steal the spotlight when it comes to moody electronic music.

Tourist flies into the more electronic music realm of things than James Blake, but the similarities are then. U doesn't exactly fit ideally in a club setting, but some cuts like "Waves" or "Separate Ways" could certainly work on a dance floor. Others like the lead single that generated a fair amount of buzz, "Run," is more listening music with an emphasis on melodies and layering harmonies.

Though the lyrics aren't always obvious behind their muted distortion and pitch bending, but listening closely to the album tell the story. It is a the story of a past relationship that Tourist had and how, despite some efforts to keep things together, it eventually ended and they had to go their separate ways.

"This is an album that reflects on a relationship I had with someone. I called it U as the word 'You' looks a bit accusatory, and the tone of this album certainly isn't bitter," describes Phillips in a press release. "U is a shape that is balanced but also incomplete so I thought it was a nice visual metaphor for a failed relationship."

The drums are crisp and clean, while the melodies are elegantly crafted in this thoughtful tale of love and heartbreak. For a debut album, this is quite the impressive effort.

Tourist's album U is available to stream and download now via Monday Records. Listen to the 10-track album below.

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