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Former 'The Young & The Restless' Star Michael Muhney Almost Returned To The Show In Spite Of Sexual Harassment Allegations Made By Hunter King

by Cate Meighan   Sep 11, 2014 12:35 PM EDT

Last December, the soap opera world was rocked with a scandal that got far more national coverage then anything their writers' could dream up. Michael Muhney had spent years garnering rave reviews for his work as Adam Newman over on The Young & The Restless. He was one of the most popular actors on the show until a younger co-star, Hunter King accused him of groping her breasts.

Muhney was eventually dismissed in spite of it being a he said-she said kind of situation and the most diehard soap fans rallied around the actor.

As time went on the media learned that the allegations were actually made against Muhney months before Y&R's show runner, Jill Farren Phelps, actually fired Newman. Instead of taking the sexual harassment claims seriously she made sure that Muhney's storyline was perfectly wrapped up with a bow before giving the actor his walking papers. The cast rallied behind King while fans called foul on the whole situation and began tuning out.

This morning, it has been confirmed that 8 months after being fired CBS' The Young & the Restless actually entered into talks with Muhney to bring him back to the role that he had made famous. Apparently the other actors banded together and made it clear that if Muhney were to return then they would be boycotting the CBS sound stage. Radar Online reports that the deal was this close to happening until other cast members felt like they had to get behind Hunter King and her serious allegations.

The fans almost got what they have spent 8 months campaigning for- the return of their favorite actor. It's also more than a little interesting that both the network and the show would even consider bringing back a man that they believed was guilty of sexually harassing a woman still employed by 'The Young & the Restless', don't you think?

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