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Kickstarter Campaign Aims to Immortalize Alternative Classical Music Scene in 'We Break Strings' Photo Book

by Ian Holubiak   Sep 12, 2014 10:23 AM EDT

An alternative classical music scene is as interesting as it sounds. Underground composers putting on classical gigs in a non-traditional setting is as punk rock as it gets--and coincidentally enough, it's coming from the U.K.

Apparently, a new generation of composers and musicians started to find gigs for their insatiable thirst for neo-classical. Now, warehouses to pubs are lined with players--sometimes even harboring in abandoned underground stations.

Now, coming to us via Hackney Classical Press, a new Kickstarter campaign is trying to launch a new biography capturing this unique music movement.

The book, We Break Strings, is trying to raise enough funds to get a piece of this action to your coffee tables and subway rides.

Even composer Gabriel Prokofiev (founder of classical night-club and record label NONCLASSICAL) felt it fitting to encapsulate this thriving scene in the format of a photo book.


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