Ariana Grande has been facing quite the diva rumors lately. But she's dismissing them all as laugh-worthy and encouraging others to spread love in a new series of Twitter posts.

In the past few weeks alone, the "Break Free" singer been accused of being mean to the media, ditching photo shoots, having lengthy demands for interviews, refusing to have her right side photographed and being quoted as saying that she hopes her fans die. That's quite a lot to handle for the pint-sized pop star.

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Without addressing any particular rumors by name (and, really, we've never actually seen the right side of her face), Grande called all the stories about her all lies and hate.

"man some of these rumors that have been coming out about me lately actually have me laughing out loud.... really can't take em seriously," Grande wrote. "sooner or later ppl will realize that what u put out is what u get back. the lies/hate etc. give love & I promise life will treat u better. I've said this before but I promise it's true. what u focus on expands. what u put out, u get back. live for love & your life will be pretty."

After dismissing all the rumors, Grande encouraged her followers (and, presumably, the media) that they should focus on love instead.

"love love love love love love love. k? n here's some more love for u. even those who are unkind. here's some love for u too. u need it most," she wrote.

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