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Zayn Malik & Girlfriend Perry Edwards ENGAGED? Mom Says Yes! [PHOTO & VIDEO]: LIttle Mix Songstress Wears Ring to "One Direction: This Is Us' Premiere

by Jon Niles   Aug 21, 2013 21:58 PM EDT

Last night was One Direction's big movie premiere, which was a special moment in the lives of each member of the band. Although an even bigger life event had allegedly gone down for Zayn Malik after his girlfriend Perrie Edwards showed up to the premiere with a diamond ring on her left hand. Are these two lovebirds engaged? According to Perrie's mother they are!

CLICK HERE to see a photo of Perrie posing with her Little Mix mates (check out her left hand)!

"It's official. I'm over the moon. They are really in love," Perrie's mother, Debbie, recently told the Dorset Echo newspaper. "It's wonderful because Zayn is absolutely gorgeous. It's true they got engaged on Sunday and it's absolutely lovely. Perrie loves him to pieces and it's perfect. They get on so well together and understand each other. It's just fabulous."

There you have it! Debbie was confirming an earlier report from the Daily Mail, which quoted a source saying: "It was so romantic - Zayn popped the question over the weekend when they were alone together."

The couple may be young (Zayn in 20 while Perrie is 19), but they have definitely been very public with their love fore each other. In a recent interview with Twist magazine, Edwards gushed about her boyfriend (or should I say fiancé).

"Zayn is so lovely," she said. "You know things are good when you can't wait to see the other person. It's a sense of friendship. The main thing I looked for is if he's fun to be around, if I can have a laugh with him."

She added: "I'd been on a few dates in the past with other boyfriends that didn't go too well - I'd had loads of dating disasters! Zayn would never leave me with the bill like the other boys used to do!"

Best of luck to the newly engaged pop star couple! Here is Perrie and Zayn on the red carpet at last night's premiere:

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