April 21, 2018 / 3:36 AM

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From the Very Top: Rich Socialites Wanted for New Media App, 'Netropolitan,' from Minnesota Maestro James Touchi-Peters


Apparently, the 1% has grown tired of talking about money on lowly social media apps like Facebook; instead, they need to feel their money is discussed to the right people...and that's just what James Touchi-Peters is trying to do with Netropolitan.

An application that is designed to link up the American elite with, you guessed it, other elites. From the nominal $9,000 sign up fee to the recurring $3,000 subscription cost, it's worth it having an air-tight website where one won't be judged for talking about money.

Formerly of the Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra, Touchi-Peters earns enough himself to be considered part of the elite. The site promises no ads and complete privacy to people who can't afford the pre-requisite start up cash.

As orchestras and symphonies across the U.S. fall victim to economic strife, at least one man made it out with his head above the water.


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