March 18, 2018 / 9:06 PM

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The Kids Aren't Alright: Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra and ASO Forced From First Seven Weeks of Season


The fight between the heads at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and its musicians has been viciously ongoing. For the parent organization, their next move targets the kids as they suspend the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra as it cancels the opening seven weeks of its season, from Sept. 25 through Nov. 8.

With more than 400 youths having signed up to compete all have to wait if the suits can find a way to satiate the needs of their orchestra. However, this would not be the first orchestra this year to hit turbulence.

For the young contenders in this year's auditions, the suspension of the ASYO came especially hard. As the organization and its musicians couldn't reach common ground, the kids seemingly have to bare the heat as well.

The Metropolitan Opera and other organizations like the Minnesota Orchestra found significant strife earlier this year. Luckily both teams were able to find a way out of the hole.


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