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Jaden Smith Releases Epic, Bizarre New Song 'Blue Ocean' on his Sister Willow's SoundCloud [LISTEN]

by Carolyn Menyes   Sep 30, 2014 16:37 PM EDT

Hold on to your seats, ladies and gentlemen. Jaden Smith has joined his sister Willow and father Will Smith by entering the music game. Today (Sept. 30), the Hollywood son and actor released an epic, rambling and inconsistently awfsome (awful + awesome) single "Blue Ocean." Oh, and it's seven minutes long.

Posted to his sister's Soundcloud account, "Blue Ocean" pulls a sample from Justin Timberlake's "Blue Ocean Floor" and consists of a few musical movements, warbling, weak vocals, weird rap flows and rambling lyrics that seem to reflect Smith's equally bizarre Twitter account.

After opening with a whiny, heartbroken-inspired refrain, Smith goes into papa's territory by whipping out some raps. Instead of Will Smith's in-your-face, party-friendly style, Jaden Smith channels the likes of Big Sean by taking things really, really casually and smooth.

"I met a girl at Coachella / I like her but you know I couldn't tell her / 'Cause she has her own fella / But I met her blow dealer / He told me that he was a whole seller / And he flies propellers / Man, it's raining umbrellas," he raps with a mild sense of rhythm and melody and a whole lack of enthusiasm.

But, that's really only the beginning of this musical saga. We also get a peek inside Smith's mind, with bizarre string refrains blending together with chaotic shouts of "Jaden! Over here!" It's enough to wind up anyone's brain, and despite how bizarre this song it, I guess we at Music Times just hope Jaden is OK at the end of the day.

Listen to Jaden Smith's new song "Blue Ocean" below:

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