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AMC Debuts 'Better Call Saul' Theme Song For 'Breaking Bad' Spinoff [LISTEN]

by Shawn Christ   Oct 6, 2014 12:55 PM EDT

Scumbag lawyer Saul Goodman from AMC's hit series Breaking Bad will return to the network in February in the spinoff Better Call Saul, but last night (Oct. 5), fans were treated to a special music video previewing the upcoming show. 

Performed by country guitarist Junior Brown and written by Breaking Bad mastermind Vince Gilligan and writer Peter Gould, "Better Call Saul" (see below) is a catchy number that foreshadows the tone of the new series. The lyrics in the tune most likely highlight potential storylines, as Rolling Stone notes. "Your husband disappeared in the most convenient way / Now your troubles are gone, the insurance will surely pay / You get to the bank but the cops say 'Whoa!' / Who you gonna dial when they lock you down low?," Brown sings. "Saul, Saul, you better call Saul / He'll fight for your rights, when your back's to the wall / He'll stick it to the man, justice for all."

Goodman, played brilliantly by Bob Odenkirk, will be shown pre-Walter White in Better Call Saul, sporting his actual name, James McGill. The video, which aired during AMC's Breaking Bad Binge marathon, hasn't been labeled the show's theme song, making it just one more teaser to hold fans over until February. Breaking Bad's favorite fixer Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) will also be on the show.  

"We like jumping around in time," Gilligan said about the series, which was already renewed for a second season. "I would definitely point you in the direction of 'anything that was possible storytelling-wise on Breaking Bad is possible on Better Call Saul." 

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