Does the name Nicole Eggert ring a bell? If you were watching Baywatch in the '90s you should because the 42-year old mother of two once dawned that infamous red swimsuit and ran lines with Pamela Anderson on the iconic television show. She also starred on Charles In Charge with Scott Baio when she was just a teen. As an adult Eggert has turned up on a few different reality shows but overall the last few years have been pretty tough with the star filing for bankruptcy three times within one year. Now she has launched a new business- her own ice cream truck!

Eggert was finally able to claim Chapter 13 bankruptcy on her third attempt which means that she can keep her home as long as she adheres to a strict payment plan as laid out by the courts. In other words, Eggert had to think fast and decided to take financial matters into her own hands with her Scoops ice cream truck. According to the website it's a "family run business bringing a fun, unique and innovative twist to the ice cream man".

Eggert recently had an old fashioned truck restored and is using her Twitter account to drum up business. She is wisely parking that truck at prime L.A. locations and cluing people in via tweets as to where her next location will be. Do you think that it's wise for even a somewhat fading star like Eggert to post her location on social media, even in the name of business? Isn't that a bit risky?

On the flip side, it's really cool to see someone that was once a part of the Hollywood grind realize that their possibilities are a bit more limited now, choose to start a totally different business venture. What are your thoughts on Eggert's Scoops ice cream truck?