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While Media Speculates On Divorce Beyoncé And Jay Z Have Actually Been Recording Joint Album

by Cate Meighan   Oct 8, 2014 09:35 AM EDT

Perhaps all of those divorce rumors were meant to divert attention from what Beyoncé and Jay Z really had up their sleeves. A few weeks after winding down their On The Run tour the couple appears to be on very solid footing. They have been spotted shopping for real estate in both L.A. And Paris, something that divorcing couples simply never do. Sources are also claiming that Beyoncé and Jay Z are actually sneaking into the studio to record together.

That's right, the couple is rumored to be working on a joint effort that will tentatively drop either late this year or in early 2015. Don't look for any kind of confirmation or any teasers about the project either. Instead Beyoncé and Jay Z are hoping to repeat the success of Beyoncé which dropped last November with absolutely no advance press. Instead it was offered up as a surprise gift.

Apparently this joint effort will follow the blue print that worked for Bey's last album. No advance PR, just a complete, finished product. One that may include several videos as well as a short film to accompany it. Industry insiders have been saying for nearly a year now that this is the way that we will see new music offered up because it works. All of the advance buzz and teasers actually seems to have less of an effect than Beyoncé's finished project did last year.

Do you think that maybe all of the divorce rumors and supposed fights were actually planted and staged for the media's benefit? Have the last several months served as a purposeful red herring to throw people off from the musical surprise that is actually in the works? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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