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New Foo Fighters Songs 'Something From Nothing', 'Feast and the Famine' Teased in New 'Sonic Highways' Trailer

by Carolyn Menyes   Oct 8, 2014 10:51 AM EDT

Foo Fighters' new HBO documentary series Sonic Highways and its accompanying album of the same name are right around the corner, and now the saviors of American rock 'n' roll are teasing the show's premiere with an extended trailer and "conversation." Today (Oct. 8), Foo Fighters released a five minute interview with each other on HBO Go and teased two new songs in the process.

"A Conversation with Foo Fighters" pulls largely from the two-minute trailer of the same name, which dropped last month in regards to the concept of the show. Yes, we know, Foo Fighters visited eight American rock meccas to write and record its eighth studio album and talked to a wide variety of music legends from Dolly Parton to Chuck D to Bonnie Raitt and Willie Nelson.

The new, extended trailer, however, finally gives fans a sneak peek and listen at two new Foo songs, "Something From Nothing" and "Feast and the Famine."

"Something From Nothing" is the song largely heard throughout previous Sonic Highways trailers, including this one. The slow burning anthem begins with some heavy sliding guitars before Dave Grohl winds in with the lyrics, working his way around the guitar licks. "Here lies a city on fire / Singing along / The arsonist choir / And here I go," Grohl sings in a manner not unlike his One By One song "Tired of You."

Meanwhile, "Feast and the Famine" is a far more raucous, fast paced tune, with Grohl blasting into the riffs and lyrics "Amen! It was the feast and the famine," he screams in the teaser.

You'll need an HBO Go subscription to watch the new trailer for Sonic Highways, so check it out here.

Sonic Highways will premiere on Friday, Oct. 17 on HBO. The album of the same name will be released on Nov. 10.

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