If it's got ivory in it then it can't fly — most musicians know this. But some of the arbitrary limitations put on brass, woodwind, percussion or any instrument for that matter has been outlined in a hilarious new satire video, Air Canada — Musical Experts, on YouTube via Rachel Krehm.

A traveling musician myself, it's always a gamble going to the airport and flying out for a gig. A guitar is a common instrument, it doesn't normally pose a problem (or threat), though it is terrifying handing it over to the person responsible for gate checking it.

But for Air Canada, there is apparently a strict, non-sensical handbook on the various instruments you can and can't bring on board. A violin will pass the threshold but a viola has to go under.

"Bassoons are permitted on all Air Canada aircraft as carry-on luggage," says the 3-minute clip, "provided that you are able to fold them in half. Somehow."

Looks like musicians should steer clear of the repressive Air Canada regime. The phobias of flying are no longer exclusive to racial profiling. They are filed on musicians instead.