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Death Grips Vinyl Version of 'No Love Deep Web' Mysteriously Surfaces

by Caitlin Carter   Sep 10, 2013 10:26 AM EDT

According to a Consequence of Sound report, the always-mysterious Death Grips may be at it again. It appears a vinyl version of their album "No Love Deep Web" has surfaced in a few record stores, though the source of its creation is unknown.

Because the band leaked the album under a Creative Commons license, it is anyone's guess where the vinyl version originated.

The Consequence of Sound article suggests two theories: the album is either directly from Death Grips or it is from some entrepreneur using Creative Commons to release the work.

Evidence for it being Death Grips:

-   The vinyl's hi-res artwork

-   "Never-before-seen" lyrics sheets

-   It would be such a Death Grips thing to do

About the release, a Redditor named Baldusaur says:

"...This seems pretty darn official, it's really strange that everything is laid out like this. The picture and art on the inside in particular is pretty fascinating, very reminiscent of what they did with The Money Store. Also, has seeing this album cover on the front of physical media kind of brought it another layer of "realism" to anyone else? No Love Deep Web feels so much more tangible after viewing these pictures."

Evidence for it being an aspiring entrepreneur:

-   Creative Commons basically gives the public free reign of the material

-   San Francisco-based Pirate Press was listed as its manufacturer (but they would not tell CoS who was behind pressing the vinyl).

You can view photos (WARNING: one photo is explicit) of the release as well as ripped recordings of the tracks on Reddit. The best bet for grabbing a copy of the physical record is online. According to the article, there is a copy selling for a whopping $300.

What do you think of this underground release? Who do you think is behind it? We will update you with more information as it comes.

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