Saturday Night Live spoofed loving Taylor Swift last night, Nov. 1, but it was all in good fun.

Sketch comedy show SNL aired a hilarious segment that was set up like most commercials for over-the-counter medicines, MTV News noted. Cast members began to describe their history with vertigo and how, just recently, their affliction resurfaced.

This time around, however, their symptoms were brought on by a surprise love affair with Taylor Swift's music. After hearing one of her new songs, the actors said they began to get dizzy, knowing all too well that they do not actually enjoy her music.

"Yes you do, you friggin' love her," Dr. David Doctor says in the video below. "Over the last month, realizing that you love Taylor Swift has been the leading cause of vertigo in adults. That's why now, there's Swiftamine — a fast-acting antihistamine tablet that's pink and bubbly, just like Taylor herself."

Medically, according to Doctor, the condition occurs when one's brain fights one's ears when they hear Swift's music playing.

Sounds about right. Check out the skit below.

The singer's fifth album, 1989, came out last month and fans could not be happier.

"1989 is a drastic departure — only a couple of tracks feature her trademark tear-stained guitar," Rob Sheffield wrote about the album for Rolling Stone. "But she's still Taylor Swift, which means she's dreaming bigger and oversharing louder than anyone else in the game. And she still has way too many feelings for the kind of dudes who probably can't even spell 'feelings.'"

He gave the album four out of five stars.

Swift told National Public Radio recently that fans helped protect the album from online leaks after hosting some exclusive listening parties.

After recently moving to New York City, Swift was named the city's "global welcome ambassador."