Paramore is working on the follow-up to 2013's eponymous album. Sort of.

Singer Hayley Williams told there are "no songs really to speak of yet," but the band appears to be putting music together.

Bassist Jeremy Davis joked that the band's handlers are already asking about the album after the next album.

"Our managers are probably asking us what's going on with the follow-up, too," Davis said. "I feel like we're taking a little bit of time. I feel like our heads and bodies need a little bit of time to decompress after a long tour and just working this whole record. It's been crazy, but so important to have the down time. We've been home for a minute and all of us are kind of itching to get back out. But you know, it's good to have that space creatively just to travel and go somewhere new."

Williams interjected: "And just to live. You have to have things to write about and to say. It's really important for us, anyway, because the songs are so personal. There are no songs really to speak of yet, but I think it's almost an encouraging thing to know that we're taking the time to live right now."

The redheaded vocalist was embroiled in a small Twitter controversy this September when she called out One Direction for ripping a part from New Found Glory.

NFG's Chad Gilbert also called out 1D, but then later retracted his statement.