It was just yesterday that T-Pain shared his new standalone single "Let Me Through" featuring Lil Wayne, but today the singer/rapper has offered us the first taste of his upcoming album Stoicville: The Phoenix in the form of the album's epic title track, which you can check out below.

Just as he did with "Let Me Through," T-Pain raps his way through "Stoicville" without his signature Autotune, only this time it's much less pop-friendly. The track builds for nearly six minutes without any sort of hook, and nearly half of the song goes by without any beat whatsoever, so it sounds as if T-Pain is getting into some abstract Yeezus territory with his next album.

You can check out T-Pain's "Stoicville" right here:

Stoicville: The Phoenix will be T-Pain's fifth studio album overall, his first since 2011's Revolver. The album has yet to be given a release date. A new greatest hits compilation, titled T-Pain Presents Happy Hour: The Greatest Hits was released on Tuesday.

"Stoicville is a city in my mind that I created," T-Pain told Fuse about the concept behind his new album. "It's basically like my happy place. I created it after I found out that my son is autistic. When [autistic people] get frustrated, they cover their ears and close their eyes, and they go this place. I figured that maybe I need to try that - I get frustrated a lot.In another interview with Fader, T-Pain revealed that he's recorded an astonishing 127 songs for Stoicville: The Phoenix.

"I feel like people needed to know what I've been doing," he said about the album's title track. "A lot of people have been asking, and it's kind of hard to put the story into just one answer. So 'Stoicville' is a quick tell all — airing everything out and letting my past be the past and basically starting anew."

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