January 19, 2018 / 12:32 PM

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Luke Bryan Proposes New Album Based on 'Farm Tour'...A Response To Zac Brown's Criticisms?

Perhaps Luke Bryan took Zac Brown's attack against his hit single "That's My Kind A Night" personally, despite what Jason Aldean advised him. Brown questioned the state of country after hearing Bryan's track, which some derivatively refer to as a prime example of "bro-country." Bryan could have been looking to prove how rural he really is when he announced that he might make an album of his "Farm Tour." 

Bryan has taken a break from touring for the fifth year to carry out his "Farm Tour," a series of dates where he plays agricultural locales in small towns across the South in order to raise scholarship money for kids in agricultural communities. This year's tour features five dates in Bryan's home state of Georgia. The tour began Tuesday, October 2 in Statesboro, GA.

"I think I'm gonna probably down the road do a little Farm Tour album just to write songs that talk about picking peanuts down in Georgia," he told ABC News Radio. "You know, the more you can use your music to let your fans in on your life, they like that. If it's good music, they'll buy it."

The second statement covers plenty of ground for Bryan: One, he emphasizes to doubters such as Brown that he comes from a blue-collar background, and two, being from a blue-collar background pays off at the record stores. Bryan certainly doesn't need any help on the latter front. His current release, Crash My Party, has spent seven weeks in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200, including two weeks at no. 1. 

"The Farm Tour" continues tonight in Athens, GA, but you can check to see if Bryan's hitting a farm near you in the coming weeks: 

10/02: Statesboro, GA @ Perry's Field

10/03: Athens, GA @ Wild Winds Farms

10/04: Columbia, SC @ Culler Farms  (SOLD OUT)

10/05: Macon, GA @ Midway at Central City Park (SOLD OUT)

10/09: Villa Rica, GA @ V-Plex

10/10: Auburn, AL @ Ingram Farms

10/11: Tallahassee, FL @ Tallahassee Automobile Museum

10/12: Valdosta, GA @ Valdosta Wake Compound

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