After a week's worth of teases, it's finally time to live out a full date with the boys of One Direction. Today (Nov. 21), the second music video from the band's new album FOUR, "Night Changes," was released, and it's all about crafting the perfect evening together.

As seen in the teasers, the music video is shot through the perspective of a lucky woman on dates with each of the 1D boys, giving viewers just a glimpse into what it may be like to date their favorite member.

There's Zayn Malik, leading you by the hand and walking you through the kitchen of an Italian restaurant that he's oh-so comfortable in. Then, there's Liam Payne, getting ready for a fun-filled night with you at the carnival, with caramel apples, fun rides and maybe a stuffed bear or two in store for you. Dreamboat Harry Styles is taking you gliding on the ice, spinning and having fun with you all the while and flashing that giant smile.

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Louis Tomlinson is on hand to take you through a luxurious ride through a scenic park in his vintage car, and Niall Horan is readying you for a cozy night by the fire with Sangria, board games and the cutest puppy you'll ever see.

And, then, like in most One Direction videos... the "Night Changes" a bit for the worse. But, you know, they're still 1D and they're still adorable, right? Even if Zayn gets some spaghetti on his head...

Watch the new music video for One Direction's "Night Changes" below:

"Night Changes" is the latest single from One Direction's new album FOUR. It follows the release and promotion of "Steal My Girl."

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