At a recent gig in Hong Kong, The Killers' bassist Mark Stoermer didn't play with the group due to what they simply labelled "personal reasons." Doesn't seem like too big of a deal; band members frequently are absentee for shows, with another musician standing in. However, guitarist Dave Keuning has suggested that members of The Killers are growing restless, saying that he's tired of touring with the band. 

"I am sick of this," he said to NME. "I'm done. The end is in sight. Some people might go, 'Why are you complaining?' But you haven't done what I have done, so you can't relate. We just toured a s---load." 

Drummer Ronnie Vanucci tried to play down the absences of Stoermer from the Asian concerts, but he acknowledged the possibility that the bassist could quit when asked. 

"I don't want to blow the top on it. Being part of this machine is physical and mentally exhausting," he said, before being asked if the band could continue without Stoermer. "I'd hope we'd keep trucking on. But at the same time, it isn't the same band."

The band always has other options if it decides to fold or take another hiatus. Both Vanucci and Stoermer have recorded solo albums previously, and vocalist Brandon Flowers announced during the same NME interview that he would be working on a second solo album during 2014. Keuning is the only member to not launch an individual project, although it seems that he'd be glad to take a break from music in general. 

The Killers will be releasing their first "greatest hits" compilation on November 11. The album, titled "Direct Hits," will include 13 songs from the band's previous four releases as well as two original tracks titled "Just Another Girl" and "Shot At The Night." The latter will be produced by M83's Anthony Gonzalez.