January 24, 2018 / 6:54 AM

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DJ Mag Top 100 Crowns Hardwell over Armin Van Buuren, Deadmau5 and Others Roll Their Eyes at Poll

The 20th annual DJ Mag Top 100 DJ's in the world poll results have been released, and there's a new name on top. Hardwell, a Dutch house DJ, has become the youngest victor ever at the age of 25, displacing his fellow countryman Armin Van Buuren in the process.

Hardwell placed sixth during last year's poll, and it wasn't too shocking an upset for him to grab no. 1, but the world had gotten used to Van Buuren dominating the poll. The elder Dutchman had won five times previously, making him the world's "best" DJ for 25 percent of the last 20 years. Although Hardwell is a household name to EDM fans, other placers in the top five might sound more familiar to American listeners based on pop success alone. Avicii, Swedish producer of current smash hit "Wake Me Up!," placed no. 3, Tiësto (another Dutchman) took no. 4, and David Guetta grabbed no. 5.

Of course, being that the Top 100 is largely determined by popular vote, there was plenty of controversy as always regarding how well it reflected "the best." Deadmau5, who dropped from no. 5 to no. 12, mocked the concept of a "best" DJ.

"HOORAAY!!!! IM THE 12th BEST CD PLAYER IN THE WORLD!!. suck it!" he said in one of many tweets sniping at the results. The producer has stated many times in the past that he doesn't believe DJ-ing to be a true form of musical talent.

Another Canadian, who was left off the list entirely was A-Trak, who was responsible for one of Music Times favorite hip-hop beats of 2012, "Piss Test." He shrugged off the snub to sympathizers.

"Thanks Luke, but it's ok," he tweeted to Laidback Luke, who did make the list. "My V-necks aren't deep enough for the DJmag list."

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