Rapper O.T. Genasis loves cocaine so much that he 1) decided to write an entire song about it called "CoCo," 2) decided to make a video explicitly featuring the drug, and 3) has zero qualms about any of this.

"I'm in love with the coco," he sings. "I got it for the low, low."

Obviously, this ode to a drug that has crippled thousands of users for decades is bound to be controversial, but O.T. has only heard one complaint: From his son's teacher, who claimed the boy was shouting the "I got baking soda!" line from his daddy's song.

"When my son's teacher hits me and says, "He has baking soda. What does that mean?" I'm like, "Oh, my gosh. It's hard for me to run away from [it],'" Genasis told Billboard. "But I ain't really catch no criticism yet. It's what the song is about. I'm prepared for it."

Crazy thing is, Genasis thinks kids have no idea what the song is about, despite the cocaine-by-numbers video, which has collected more than 25 million views since its October release.

"I think it's the melody, which is so easy to catch," he said. "It catches the kids, even though they don't know what it's about. I am surprised, but then again I'm not, because at the end of the day, whether you're broke or you're rich or coming up and doing it, the song touches everyone."

The cherry on top of everything is Genasis' belief that the drug deserved its own song and video because the general public doesn't see enough drugs and guns in hip-hop imagery.

"A lot of artists talk about this stuff, whether it's about cocaine or weed or meth," he said. "But nobody actually makes you [see] that. If I'm going to talk about it, I might as well show you. It's the life of me chilling in the projects, chopping it up, right there in front of your face. I really don't care to be criticized. I stay in my lane and do me."

If O.T. ends up doing serious prison time, is ANYONE going to be surprised? Based on video evidence, this dude is the Scarface of the projects, and seems to give very few hoots about anything besides his coke and "treinta y ocho," offspring be damned.

Prepare to be amazed:

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