Taylor Swift loves her fans. And to prove it this holiday season, the "Shake It Off" singer sent gifts to a lucky group of Tumblr followers, Billboard notes. This resulted in the social media phenomenon "Swiftmas." The presents were not too shabby, either. One fan received a camera, beauty products from Australia and $200 worth of gift cards.

Rebecca Cox and Victor Vinson were two of the lucky fans. Swift even sent them handwritten notes about the gifts. Cox and Vinson have a Tumblr dedicated to Swift, which is how this whole thing came about, apparently. The singer followed them before her management team reached out.

"At 2 p.m. Rebecca messaged me screaming that Taylor Nation contacted us on Twitter, and they were basically asking for our addresses and our birth dates," Vinson said. "We figured either she's sending us packages, or they just want our information on file."

The presents arrived a few days later, much to the delight of the fans — see below.

"There's no one in the music industry who has a big of a heart as she does," Cox said. "You can tell that she wrapped all the gifts personally. She uses a ridiculous amount of tape."

Cox went on to say that since Swift made the move from pop-country to strictly pop with 1989, she relied on her fans to support her, which they did. The presents were just a way for her to say thanks.

"I think this is her saying that she recognizes and really appreciates that. She's trying to really interact with her fans as much as possible now," Cox said. "It's just starting to dawn on me that the person who sent me all these gifts is the same person who tours the world and sells multimillion albums and ... Oh, my gosh."