Jerry Seinfeld unleashed his signature brand of observational brilliance on The Tonight Show earlier this week, taking aim at everyone's love of possessions. Jimmy Fallon gave the comedian the fuel he needed after announcing that the audience members would be receiving TVs as a Christmas gift. Seinfeld then sat down with Fallon to talk about their episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and also outlined his worst set for a web exclusive.

The premise of Seinfeld's set was that material goods are always in different stages of becoming trash. He starts riffing about how the audience members' new TVs are doomed to this fate before he breaks it all down in true Seinfeld style, Rolling Stone notes.

"All things on Earth only exist in different stages of becoming garbage," he said. "Your home is a garbage processing center where you buy new things, bring them into your house and slowly crapify them over time. You're all excited when you get something, you bring it in, open it on the kitchen table; the place of honor for the new arrivals. You read the instructions, fill out the registration card. You may even join the club of other idiots who have this thing."

According to the comedian, things go from the living room to closets or drawers to the garage, which is essentially the end of the line. He joked that the only way out of the garage is eBay - the online marketplace where people can send garbage back and forth to each other.

Seinfeld also talked to Fallon about their recent Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee episode. The host is a huge fan, so naturally they had a great time. Fallon's episode was the longest of the series so far, surpassing Louis C.K. Check out the episode here.

The comedy legend has been performing since the age of 21, so he's the perfect subject for "Worst I Ever Bombed." His worst gig occurred in 1977 on New Year's Eve. Seinfeld was asked to perform at a disco club, but the music was too loud so no one even knew the comedian was performing.