Dierks Bentley is a dude with a lot of emotion and his passion often comes out in the songs he writes and performs. He recently suggested that he's been close to breaking down in tears onstage during specific tunes when he sees fans getting emotional.

"There's certain ones I have to be cautious of," he told Radio.com (via The Boot). "If I sing the song the right way, the way I wrote it, I've got to go back to that particular time that it came from. So, a lot of the earlier stuff came from particular relationships that didn't work out too well."

While many country artists simply select songs written by others, Bentley makes a point to write some of his own, and that leads to some emotional moments.

"The ones about my dad, or 'I Hold On,' there's times I look out, and I'll see someone crying, or getting emotional," he said. "I'll have to zone away or look behind, so I can finish the song."

But just because he dedicates a lot of time to the writing room and the studio doesn't mean that Bentley can't hold his own onstage. He's got a great philosophy pertaining to his role as an entertainer.

"I'm reading Ricky Skaggs' book [Kentucky Traveler: My Life In Music] right now," Bentley said. "There's this saying in country music, 'Don't get above your raising.' You can't forget what you're there to do on a Friday and Saturday night. People worked hard all week, they spent this money for your show. You're there to have a good time, and not get too outside yourself."

So, what's next for the 39-year-old? Well, he's got a slew of tour dates approaching, and he's playing a special pre-Super Bowl show with Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line.

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