Lykke Li is "devastated" that she had to cancel some tour dates in Australia and New Zealand recently. The singer took to Facebook to explain that her health is suffering from the excessive touring lifestyle. Although she's pushed her body to the limit, the indie pop sensation promises that after some much-needed rest and relaxation, she will return, NME notes.

The singer's been on the road for seven years, give or take, and now she's ready to give her body and mind a break.

"I'm incredibly sorry to announce that I'm no longer able to play Australia, New Zealand and Singapore for Laneway Festival," Li posted. "It's been a long time coming, but unfortunately tour life has caught up with me and it's been recommended that I take a break. I'm devastated but I know I will return."

She went further in-depth on Instagram.

"I am utterly devastated. Sometimes we push and push but the body simply won't follow," the singer wrote. "I gave it all I had, my body, heart and soul. After seven years of touring, my health is screaming/begging for me to listen/heal/slow down."

"Thank you for listening to my bleeding heart and watching me dance in the dark these past years. I love you," Li added. "I will come back. Stronger. But for now my loves, I have to rest. You can't always 'win'... Take care of yourselves!!! You mean the world to me. Choose light and life! Life is ebb n' flow. High n' low. Bet we keep on. I will miss you so."

The singer released I Never Learn in May. It hit 29 on the Billboard 200 behind "No Rest for the Wicked" and "Gunshot."

Li's seven canceled dates were the only ones she had scheduled for 2015.

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