Dutch electronic music festival promoter, ID&T is continuing their global expansion. The founder of renowned festival brands like Tomorrowland, Mysteryland and Sensation, SFX-owned ID&T has decided to start a new festival in the United States. Its new vision, One Tribe, takes the event promoter all the way across the United States to Southern California at the Lake Perris State Recreation Area outside of Los Angeles. ID&T has brought its festival brand to the East Coast with Mysteryland and has gone as far as to bring the one-night only event, Q-Dance to Los Angeles, but never a multi-day outdoor event to the West Coast.

One Tribe Festival will take place on Sept. 25 and Sept. 26. 2015. Tickets will go on sale sometime this spring.

The move to the West Coast is a direct move into the market that Live Nation's Insomniac has dominated for close to two decades. Insomniac CEO, Pasquale Rotella, has a book coming out in May discussing many topics about the rise of Insomniac, including the encroachment of SFX that according to Rotella, will "blow the minds of people that really care about this culture."

ID&T festivals have always delivered with quality lineups across genres and bring an innovative stage production to their festival grounds. With a large camping space outside of Los Angeles, expect the company to do the same in its inaugural edition. This will be the first festival ID&T starts exclusively in the United States, as opposed to other festivals and events that it has exported to the United States.

The festival will take place the same weekend as TomorrowWorld and in a response to a Facebook commenter; One Tribe explained this is because the festival will be "sharing talent and production capabilities." One Tribe could develop into the West Coast version of TomorrowWorld.

No other information is available at this time, but stay tuned here as it becomes available.