Willow Smith released a three-track EP (aptly titled 3) on her 14th birthday last year, and now she's back with another three-track offering called Interdimensional Tesseract. All of the songs were produced by Chaotic, and each has its own experimental, cosmic vibe. Having previously released the song "Heart," she debuted the piano-laced "Vibration" and the synth-and-bass-driven "See You Dance." The effort is streaming free on SoundCloud.

Although it's unclear what exactly Smith means by "Interdimensional Tesseract," the cosmic crooner wrote about the project on her SoundCloud page, saying, "Healing human light bodies with vibrational melody within the chaos of society. -Just for ambient vibes - Oe Ngati Kameie to our fellow Indigos. Virä atan nd tam tam."

For those wondering what language she is writing in, a quick Google search leads us to believe it is the fictional language of Na'vi, which was developed for James Cameron's film Avatar. The sapient humanoid indigenous inhabitants of the fictional moon Pandora who speak the language also have blue skin, so perhaps that was what she meant by "indigos." Or as a commenter pointed out, she could mean the new age indigo children.

Willow just finished up supporting Jhené Aiko on her Enter the Void with SZA.

She and her brother Jaden made headlines last year after their bizarre interview with The New York Times in which they explained their unique philosophy on life and music.

Willow said that a theme that recurs in her work is "the felling of being like, this is a fragment of a holographic reality that a higher consciousness made."

She went on to describe her musical evolution from her first hit "Whip My Hair."

"I mean, 'Whip My Hair' was a great thing. When I look back I think, 'Wow, I did so much for young black girls and girls around the world. Telling them that they can be themselves and to not be afraid to be themselves.' And I'm doing that now but in a whole different way, coming from source energy and universal truths."

Check out Interdimensional Tesseract for yourself below, and let us know what you think in the comments section!

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