Brooklyn rockers The National have teamed up with Fox's comedy Bob's Burgers to create a video just in time for the gravy-filled holidays, "Sailors in Your Mouth." The Thanksgiving episode aired last week. Believe it or not the video isn't entirely funny. It has its moments, but it's actually just kind of trippy. It's bizarrely entrancing, as the band (in the form of gravy) spill out of the gravy boat, captained by frontman Matt Berninger.

Maybe it's Berninger's voice or the fact that the gravy band is moving in slow motion onto a plate of food, but it's mesmerizing. "Sailors in your mouth, what Thanksgiving's all about," he sings as the band makes their way into Bob's mouth, the perfect location to continue the performance, his tongue as a stage. The entire band looks pretty good as gravy sailors.

Apparently The National and Bob's Burgers have a created a bond through the spirit of Thanksgiving. The band created a version of "Kill Your Turkey" on last year's holiday special episode. Also, for The National's "Conversation 16" video, Bob's Burgers writer Scott Jacobson took on the role of director. There's more. Actress Kristen Schaal appears in the video, and she is also a voice actor on Bob's Burgers. It comes full circle, in a really random and unexpected pairing. That's what Thanksgiving does to people.

Watch the dreamy, mouthwatering video for "Sailors in Your Mouth" here. The band heads out on tour this coming January. You can also listen to their song "Kill Your Turkey" from Bob's Burgers below.