Jack Ü, the project from super-producers Diplo and Skrillex, have shared the official remix for their lone single "Take Ü There" featuring new verses from "Lose Control" rapper Missy Elliott.

News first broke that Missy would be remixing "Take Ü There" conveniently right after her Super Bowl halftime performance, where the "Work It" rapper managed to steal the show from Katy Perry, the headlining act.

While the cross pollination of straight EDM and hip-hop is a first for Missy in her career, it should not be a surprise for those who have followed her trailblazing career. Skrillex and Diplo keep the instrumental the same with Sonny Moore's booming drums that other DJs salivate over, and fluttering hi-hats provide the perfect bed for Elliot to add her verses.

Kiesza is still present to sing the hooks, but she takes a back seat with Elliott delivering Supa Dua Fly-era bars. It is about time we heard some new material from Missy, and this is the perfect way for her to reach a new audience who was not around in the early 2000s to live under her reign.

In addition to this remix, which will be released tomorrow, Feb. 19, Diplo revealed at the Grammys that a Jack Ü album should drop at some point this month. Unless they do a surprise album, which is not out of the question with the way the industry is moving in 2014-15, that prediction is looking less likely as each day moves on since no official promotion has been done for it.

Missy Elliott was been spotted in the studio with her longtime running mate Timbaland and are making music. There is no timeline for new music as of yet, but an album has reportedly been in the works for a couple years now, and after the Super Bowl performance and this remix, 2015 is ripe for Missy.

Stream the remix below via Jack Ü's SoundCloud page: