February 19, 2018 / 10:47 AM

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Lil B releases surprise 101-song mixtape '05 F--- Em' on Christmas Eve [DOWNLOAD]


If Beyoncé's surprise Dec. 13 album was one big, shocking release, she has nothing on indie rapper Lil B. The 24-year-old rapper, also known as The Based God, released 05 F--- Em as a total surprise on Christmas Eve (Dec. 24).

On Dec. 24, Lil B took to his highly active Twitter account to announce the flash release of 05 F--- Em. "JUST GOT WORD FROM BASEDWORLD STUDIOS AND LIL B!! LIL B IS DROPPING '05 F--- EM' MIXTAPE TONIGHT 101 BRAND NEW SONGS 6 DISC MISTAPE! - Lil B," he wrote.

That's right. The "Wonton Soup" rapper released 101 new songs in a single evening. Though it had been a while since the usually prolific rapper released new material, Based God fans got more than they asked Santa for this holiday season.

The best part? The six-disc set is available for free download on datpiff.com.

The epic release, which Lil B has marked as "historic" and "world changing" on his Twitter includes songs with titles such as "I Am The Rawest Rapper," "Bloggers Anthem" and "Do Da BasedGod."

Download Lil B's latest mixtape 05 F--- Em here.

05 F--- Em is Lil B's first release since his June mixtape, 100% Percent Gutta.

Thank you Based God, indeed.

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