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WATCH: Brandy Clark makes Letterman debut with rousing 'Stripes' performance [VIDEO]

by Carolyn Menyes   Jan 7, 2014 13:10 PM EST

Brandy Clark is just itching to become the next big thing in country music. The 36-year-old Washington native moved on from being a songwriter to a bona fide country star in 2013, creating one of Music Times' top 10 albums of the year 12 Stories. Last night, in another push to bring her music to a wider audience, Clark made her network TV debut on Late Show With David Letterman, performing none other than her lead single "Stripes."

Wearing a red smoking jacket, white turtleneck and hair curled and down, Clark looked perfectly cozy and fitting for this frigid January weather. Her performance was notably straightforward, as Clark strummed an acoustic guitar, glanced at her backing band and sang with her signature Southern twang.

After her rousing performance, wherein Clark dissed prison wear and claimed her distaste of orange and stripes is the only reason she hasn't committed a "crime of passion."

Her live showing seemed to impress Letterman, who asked Clark to return to his show the next night.

Watch Brandy Clark's network TV debut on Letterman below, with "Stripes":

"Stripes" is the lead single from Clark's debut album 12 Stories.

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