Rich Homie Quan has finally responded to frequent collaborator Young Thug's diss and he's clarified his decision to focus on his debut album.

Earlier this month, Thug, who has worked with Quan on numerous tracks, including Rich Gang's hit single "Lifestyle," threw major shade at the "Type of Way" rapper during a live performance.

"Speaking of horses," Thug said. "You saw the f--king video, man. This stupid lame, that n---a tripping. That B---h Homie Quan."

During a recent interview, filmed at SXSW, Quan didn't seem too phased by Thug's comments, which came on the heels of Quan's announcement that he would spend more time focusing on his solo career.

"I have been focusing more on myself, I've stepped away from Rich Gang a little bit just to get back to Quan," he said last month. "The people want Quan back. It's cool for the moment."

He spoke nonchalantly about Young Thug's antics.

"Yeah, he called me 'B---h Homie Quan,'" he said. "I didn't announce it to create conflict. I don't know if it created conflict but it is what it is...When I said it people just blowed it out of proportion. I never said I wasn't gonna do the Rich Gang thing I said I was gonna focus on myself a little bit more. Rich Gang my family. Bird, that's my uncle. Everybody know that."

When asked about why Young Thug responded publicly the way he did, Quan simply said, "I don't know." "But at the same time I wish Thugger the best, success," he added. "Just gon' leave it at that."

Back in September, Rich Homie Quan defended Young Thug's use of feminine lingo when referencing men. He also revealed that the two have known each other since middle school.

Hopefully, the two will maintain a working relationship. Any thoughts? Sound off in the comment section below.