Bill Cosby's stand-up tour continues to sputter its way across the country amid rape allegations. Last Friday, March 27, he made a stop for a show at the Lyric Opera House in Baltimore, Maryland, and was met not just by protestors outside but also by one loud, taunting heckler inside the venue. In the last several months, 38 different women have come forward to accuse the legendary comic of drugging and sexually assaulting them, and it has resulted in a career-killing scandal.

The confrontation with an audience member in Baltimore was not the first time Cosby has had to deal with this kind of situation, as evidenced by how calmly he handled things.

According to the Baltimore City Paper, the heckler said, "38 women spoke up and called you a rapist. Tell the one about how to get away with rape."

In a video posted online, several other fans can be heard telling him to "shut up," but it was the comedian who ultimately stood up to him when he said, "Just remain calm," before adding, "We are here to enjoy my gift. We are not here to argue. Let those people speak. We will find them and ask them to leave."

Are you surprised Cosby actually continues to try and perform in spite of how badly his name and brand have been hurt? While he keeps insisting that he is not finished yet, there is definitely speculation about whether or not he will be able to book a future stand-up tour. Many of the dates on this one have been canceled, and it seems hard to imagine venues willingly booking any artist who is sure to bring problems like protesters with them to the door, don't you think?

Is Cosby's career winding done to an eventual screeching halt, leaving him the last to realize it? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.