January 19, 2018 / 10:41 AM

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Coachella and Stagecoach Music Festivals Get New, Glorious Bathroom Facilities

Coachella may have just made a major step in becoming the de facto king of American music festivals: Goldenvoice, the promoter for the event, has built a new restroom facility on the Empire Polo Club fields (from Consequence of Sound).

Everyone who has been to a music festival knows that the worst part-even worse than food and beverage prices-are the restroom situations. Most hosts just rent out a legion of port-a-potties because...what else can you do? It doesn't make sense for most venues to construct a whole new facility. Lollapalooza takes place in the middle of a public park (and Chicago is very happy with the park's regular restroom situation, thanyouverymuch. It seems odd to build one for fans of Bonnaroo to use once a year, in the middle of the Tennessee wilderness.

Goldenvoice has more reason than most however. First of all, Coachella hosts two separate weekends, so that's twice as much usage right there. The promoter also host the annual Stagecoach Festival for country fans on the same location. And we suppose polo fans can use the facility during the rest of the year (yeah, the field hosts polo matches the rest of the year. A little ironic, maybe. But kind of not).

The promoter posted the announcement as a faux real estate listing, captioning the image of the new building as a "Midcentury Gem," with 0 bedrooms, 324 baths and 18,480 sq. feet...available for three weekends in April...all utilities paid.

And the interior? Glorious, especially for those familiar with typical music festival arrangements. The stalls are literally gleaming in the photographs provided. There are sinks and hand-dryers, and even toilet seat covers. It brings a tear to the eye. Now we'll just have to see how they look after this weekend's first Coachella installment. Hopefully festivalgoers will treat them with more respect than the typical portalette.

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