January 19, 2018 / 6:19 PM

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Billboard's Emphasis on Barack Obama Sex Joke Leads Azealia Banks to Quit Interviews for 2015

Azealia Banks has claimed that she's done working with the media for the rest of 2015 but we doubt that will mean fewer stories on the outspoken emcee. The Harlem rapper didn't appreciate the way that her most recent feature, in Billboard magazine, was framed and as such has decided to give interviews a rest for the near future (from HotNewHipHop).

"This interview was not my favorite. Lots of things I said got taken out of context," she wrote on Instagram. "This whole interview was mostly about a few raunchy jokes I made.... when I really spoke about so much more. Maybe it was the journalist, maybe it was the editor. Who knows, don't care. I'm not doing anymore interviews this year."

The "raunchy joke" in question was no doubt that in which Banks claimed she would love to bed President Barack Obama (a claim the rapper later had to clarify was a joke because, you know, people struggle with that).

On one hand, we totally sympathize with Banks in that there was probably much more pertinent information about the musical aspects of her career featured somewhere in the interview, yet somehow only the Obama joke made it to our news desk. Then again, a pretty good way to draw readers to an article is by strongly featuring sexual commentary on the president.

We're curious to see just how committed to artistry the emcee's feature with Playboy magazine will be.

The hip-hop media doesn't need to panic...after all, most of the coverage that surrounds Banks revolves around her active Twitter account and the many beefs that stem from it. We're sure that when new music starts coming down the pipe, she'll be sure to tell us about it. Thanks to social media, she's still far easier to get a quote from than Marshawn Lynch.

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