Keith Urban and his active tweeting has earned him a bit more time on the pages of the magazines. His tour is getting ready to kick off, he has a question for those who are sitting at Country Thunder, and he has an app for himself. It is interesting.

Keith Urban has an app out called the Keith Urban App... it would have been too creative to call it something different but we can just set that aside for right now. The app consists of fans being able to create a set list that they would believe is a dream concert. Whether or not Urban uses that information, or does anything with it is still a bit of a mystery, but who knows? Maybe if you were to jump on the app you could create the set list for his next concert! That would be really cool. Anyway here is the link to the site to get the app, if nothing else it is really fun to buzz around on it and look at everything. Give it a go!

Keith Urban plugged the app on facebook, here is the tweet that he sent out earlier today in regards to that.

Keith Urban ‏@KeithUrban3h

Enter the new 'Ultimate Setlist' contest in the official Keith Urban app! 

On top of everything else, Urban is at Country Thunder and he is using twitter to get fans pumped about what is about to happen out there.

Keith Urban ‏@KeithUrban1h

#CountryThunder... are you ready to SING tonite?

If you are out there, be sure to let us know what the experience is like, throw a comment down in the comment section of this story, or shoot us a tweet! We want to hear what you have to say about the concert!