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Blur's 'Magic Whip' Comeback Album Now Streaming On iTunes [LISTEN]

by Caitlin Carter   Apr 21, 2015 15:59 PM EDT

Back in February, Brit-pop band Blur announced they'd be dropping a new album, their first in more than 12 years, titled Magic Whip. Last month the Damon Albarn-fronted band gave fans a taste of the record with the singles "There Are Too Many Of Us" "Go Out," "My Terracotta Heart" and "Lonesome Street." Now the moment has finally arrived, and the album is streaming online ahead of its April 27 release over at iTunes Radio. Magic Whip follows up 2003's Think Tank.

There's already one fan that's pretty excited about the release: Gerard Way. In a post on Twitter today, he wrote, "I can't believe I'm listening to part of a new BLUR album right now, so happy."

Magic Whip Tracklist

01. Lonesome Street
02. New World Towers
03. Go Out
04. Ice Cream Man
05. Thought I Was A Spaceman
06. I Broadcast
07. My Terracotta Heart
08. There Are Too Many of Us
09. Ghost Ship
10. Pyongyang
11. Ong Ong
12. Mirrorball

What do you think of the album? Sound off in the comments section below!

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