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Jhené Aiko Drops "Eternal Sunshine" Video Behind the Scenes Clips Off 'Souled Out' [WATCH]

by Kimberley Richards   Apr 28, 2015 11:04 AM EDT

Jhené Aiko shared behind the scenes footage for her touching video for "Eternal Sunshine" off Souled OutThe video highlights sad memories from Aiko's past involving a 2013 car crash she and her family was involved in and the loss of one of her brothers, Myagi Hasani Ayo Chilombo, who lost his life to cancer.

In one of the clips, Aiko talks to the camera in front of her grandma's house, which she describes as the most consistent house she's lived in. Part of the music video is shot there as a flashback to when she was a child with her two brothers. Her daughter played her her as a child and her nephews played her brothers.

"We are at my grandmother's house...and this is where I grew up," Aiko shared. "They lived here ever since I was born. So this is the most consistent house that I've ever been at-lived in, throughout my life I've lived here a few times. I would say that this is where most of the good things have happened."

At another scene the following day, Aiko shares a vulnerable and emotional side with the cameras, as she discussed her brother.

"We just watched what we did yesterday, this is the house we grew up in, it's the house that my brother, passed away in," Aiko shared as she cried. She added,

"Our best memories were here."

"Eternal Sunshine" is off Aiko's debut first full-length album Souled Out. According to Billboard, the album landed in the No.1 spot of the R&B/Hip Hop charts in 2014. It sold 70,000 units in its opening week. One track off the album, "The Pressure" hit a 177 percent jump, reaching 528,000 U.S streams.

Check out the behind the scenes clip for "Eternal Sunshine" below:

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