Aphex Twin always like to keeps thing interesting. Today without warning, Richard D. James decided to delete all of the demos he had uploaded to his cryptic soundcloud account, "user48736353001." The page is still live, but currently has no public music on, which could mean he deleted everything or made them all private. There is one message for the fans - "I AM NOT RICHARD" and links to YouTube playlist where the over 200 songs are now housed.

He also offers a Wetransfer link to download the latest tracks at 128kbps.

Aphex Twin shot back into the music spotlight last year when he released his first album in 13 years, Syro. It was widely lauded as one of the best LPs of the year and the much-maligned Grammys chose him, rightly, as the best dance / electronic album of 2014.

The music did not stop there with a hard drive overflowing of new music he had been working on over the past 13 plus years. He has since released an EP on his label home Warp Records and then started to upload music to soundcloud as a random user. The soundcloud community figured out it was him and he continued to give out free music via the platform, eventually tallying over 200 demos.

There have been no hints at a tour, but unlike Daft Punk, James actually does tour, though he hasn't in several years, so stay tuned if they're any announcements on that front.

Check out the full playlist of demos that were found on his soundcloud page. No explanation has been given as to why he made the change, but with Aphex Twin you never know what he is really thinking at times.

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