If you planned on heading out to Metallica's next incarnation of the Orion Fest, we've got some bad news: Although the band suggested that it would continue the festival during 2015 after taking 2014 off, vocalist/guitarist James Hetfield said in an interview Thursday that the festival wouldn't be happening again

The second instance of Orion occurred in Detroit during June of 2013, after it premiered in Atlantic City during 2012. The band acknowledged that the New Jersey location had been a mess and hoped to make plans simpler and more profitable in Detroit. Hetfield said in an interview with Houston radio station The Buzz that the festival had been a "financial disaster" and therefore wouldn't be happening again. 

Initial reports indicated that Orion Fest wouldn't happen during 2014 because it interfered with the band's European tour plans. That tour will be happening, but if the band is looking to make some money to recoup its Orion losses, it apparently won't be happening it the United States. 

"The States have gotta step up and want their music," Hetfield said during the interview. "I'm not sure what's going on in the States as far as rock and metal goes and concert-wise, but there's not really any willingness to get a big show out there and make it worthwhile to actually get out there and play."

His statement is sure to rile up American fans, but its true North American hard-rock audiences are less likely to support huge arena shows. Of course, Metallica could make a tour more profitable by downgrading its stage show-In our experience, only Kanye West has come close to matching the thrash giant's collection of flames, lasers, and giant rotating coffin skylights. Scale back the "zazz," as Dethklok might say, and you could make your shows a lot more cost efficient. 

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