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Feels So Good: Flugelhorn Virtuoso Chuck Mangione Releases Limited Edition 'My Funny Valentine' LP Gift Set

by Ian Holubiak   Feb 2, 2014 14:57 PM EST

The great American flugelhorn player, Chuck Mangione, creator of the 1977 smash jazz single "Feels So Good," is set to release an LP just in time for your lover's holiday.

My Funny Valentine is sure to set the mood for your cork-popping, candy heart-sharing Valentine festivities. A great idea for any romantic occasion, though, the album premieres the sultry "love juice" (his words, not ours) of Chuck's horn playing.

The limited edition long player has a valentine's day card in the physical sleeve of the CD, thus, saving you one more trip to the store.

Including a great studio rendition of that standard tune "My Funny Valentine," Mangione recorded a 15-minute live version at one of his last performances at the legendary New York jazz haven The Village Gate.


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