The Voice season eight will be coming to a close tonight (May 19), but no matter who wins each of the four finalists has one thing for sure out of the show: a single and music video of their very own. Following in the tradition of season seven, this year's finalists each got to record an original single and release a music video. And, with some help from her coach Pharrell Williams, Koryn Hawthorne's music video for her debut single "Bright Fire" is now here after debuting the track live on the penultimate episode on Monday night (May 18).

One of the biggest advantages of being on Team Pharrell is the ability to have the hitmaker work for you. "Bright Fire" was written and produced by Pharrell, and the production oozes of his touch. Not only does he show up occasionally with hype noises and that signature "Yeah" sound, but the Beyoncé-light sound is very in tune with his style.

As for the music video, Hawthorne and crew kept is simple. Wearing two different outfits, Hawthorne sings her new hit while dancing amongst a crop of spiraling disco balls. There's not much more to it than that, but she sure looks like she's having a good time.

Watch Koryn Hawthorne's new music video for "Bright Fire" below:

Hawthorne isn't the only contestant to release a music video. Her fellow contestants Joshua Davis, Sawyer Fredericks and Meghan Linsey dropped new singles and visuals, as well. The final four competed for the title of "The Voice" on Monday night, and the winner will be declared in a two-hour finale tonight (May 19) at 9 p.m. on NBC.