David Guetta has released the music video for his Listen collaboration with Nicki Minaj and Afrojack "Hey Mama." The track, with little promotion has become one of the biggest songs in the world at the moment, flying up the charts and getting tons of radio play. The music video channels one of the biggest movies in the United States right now Mad Max with its cinematography and costume design. It could also be a weird camp at Burning Man. Guetta noted the similarities in an interview with Billboard, saying "I'm a big Mad Max fan so this video is perfect for me."

The video features a whole group of dancers out in the middle of the California desert; as Guetta and Afrojack drive an ATV and other drive large art cars and bikes. Nicki Minaj is present as a sort of omnipresent hologram over the whole affair. Watch the video below.

One important note for the video is that Bebe Rexha, who was key in writing the song and sings the chorus that makes the song, is at last credited for her work in the music video. Her name was added after the fact on the lyric video, but was not included on the album because "it didn't look good."

She explained the situation to Billboard, We talked about it — I actually emailed Guetta about it," Rexha tells Billboard. "I really wanted to be featured on it, because, you know, I've been signed and dropped, and now signed a second time, so it's been hard. What ended up happening was that it looked like a lot of names on the title, so they wanted to keep as many low features as possible. That's what I was told, and it makes sense to me. I guess more than two [featured] names don't look good on the radio."