Girl and boy bands are often assembled with a very particular look in mind. This can become just as important as the sound of the band itself -- if not more so. Japan's girl band Chubbiness is a prime example. Fashion Magazine CanCam and the music company Avex Network brought the "marshmallow girls" together last summer after a casting call, according to Jezebel. Avex is responsible for producing some of Japan's most popular acts, such as solo artist Ayumi Hamasaki. And...marshmallow girls? That's the term to describe Japanese women who are "bigger" than a slight, petite frame.

They have been getting their share of press from outlets in Asia, fixated on their bodies. RocketNews24 asked for each band member's height, blood type, and "favorite chubby part of herself." They also included how a Nikkan Spa reporter made it known that, "Even though they don't own svelte and slender figures like typical idols do, their friendliness and candid characters make them easy to talk to, and that is one of their charming points as an idol group."

Japan Today notes that the interview questions often revolve around food and eating. No music has been released so far, but that's on it's way, reportedly in March. The lack of music hasn't kept people from starting to become fans of the "idols." Commenters online are already pointing out which band member is their favorite.

The Facebook and twitter accounts for Chubbiness aren't in English, but there are plenty of pictures to convey the message that these girls love food (and nail polish). While this is emphasized to make them stand apart, in a lot of ways they are no different than other young women around the world, musicians or not. Perhaps this is what is already making them relatable to fans, before music is even released. Liking food and your body, regardless of how it compares to societal ideals, is an increasingly prevalent message in the entertainment industry and elsewhere. In general, plenty of people will be confused about the band being called "Chubbinness."

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