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Quickies: James Rhodes on Classical Sexism, Boulez Gets Cleveland Laurel, Schick on Stockhausen, Global Online Orchestra, Paul Ryan's NEA

by Brick Dozer   Feb 6, 2014 15:20 PM EST

Be it classical music, jazz, theater, dance, art, films or books, news gets made fresh every single day...especially here on February 5, 2014.

So, in an effort to keep you readers abreast of each and every art in our tagline (e.g. "Classical Music, Jazz, Theater, Dance & More"), Brick Dozer of Classicalite 4 News has trawled the web for the best headlines--those stories, those people making the biggest aesthetic waves.

Yes, indeed, Brick's linkage casts a very wide 'Net.

Here, then, are his five best headlines from today's news cycle:

Sexism is rife in classical music [The Guardian]

Pierre Boulez to receive Cleveland Orchestra Distinguished Service Award [Crain's Cleveland]


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