There's still no updates as to what fans can expect among the exclusives on Record Store Day 2014, but the organizers have kept the buzz going by naming Chuck D the official ambassador of Record Store Day. The title has been annually given to pro-record store performers throughout the history of the event. 

The Public Enemy emcee gladly accepted the appointment, releasing a short essay on the importance of record stores in the history of music, especially his chosen genre, hip-hop. 

"I don't go one single day without emphasizing that the genre of hip-hop is spawned from DJ culture," he wrote. "The founding members of Public Enemy were, and still are, DJs. The tool and fuel for DJs has forever been recordings. And where these recordings have long connected, with pros and fans alike, has simply been The Record Store."

Previous Record Store Day Ambassadors have included Jack White (a huge proponent of vinyl through his Third Man Records label), Iggy Pop and Ozzy Osbourne. Although nothing can be guaranteed, it's always safe to bet that something involving the ambassador will be released as a vinyl exclusive on Record Store Day. Iggy and The Stooges' Live At All Tomorrow's Parties debuted during Iggy Pop's 2012 hosting, and Osbourne's "Flying High Again" was rereleased as a 7" during 2011. White's The White Stripes made another exclusive release during 2013, but that's less because its guitarist was ambassador than something by Jack White is always at Record Store Day. 

Anything exclusive from Public Enemy or Chuck's solo ventures would be well appreciated by us vinyl fanatics. 

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