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'American Idol' Season 13: Top 30 Contestants List

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Feb 12, 2014 10:48 PM EST

'American Idol'

American Idol is chugging along, ever closer to the live shows. Wednesday night's (Feb. 12) episode saw the first round of contestants moving on to the next round of performances, itching for that audience vote. So, what singers were good enough to make the final cut? Check out the complete list from tonight's show below.

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And make sure to return to Music Times tomorrow night to find out who complete the top 30! And beware, below be spoilers!

Top 15 Girls:

1. Emily Piriz

2. Jillian Jensen

3. Malaya Watson

4. Bria Anai Johnson

5. Jessica Meuse

6. MK Nobilette

7. Kristen O'Connor

8. Andrina Brogden

9. Marielle Sellers

10. Jena Ascuitto

11. Majesty Rose York

12. Brandy Neelly

13. Briana Oakley

14. Kenzie Hall

15. Austin Wolfe

Top 15 Boys:

1. Spencer Lloyd

2. Sam Woolf

3. Maurice Townsend

4. Dexter Roberts

5. Emmanuel Zidor

6. George Lovett

7. Jordan Brisbane

8. Malcolm Allen

9. Alex Preston

10. Casey Thrasher

11. C.J. Harris

12. Caleb Johnson

13. Ethan Harris

14. Briston Maroney

15. Ben Briley **

** - beat out Neco Starr in a fan vote

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